The Border, Idomeni

Activist Caoimhe Butterly and Photographer Marcelo Biglia, have been making a series of short videos, documenting the difficulties but also the strength and resilience of those forcibly displaced.

Filmed at the Idomeni border crossing in Northern Greece in April 2016, The Border highlights the dislocation and uncertainty of the over 12,000 women, men and children who were stranded there. The Border documents the impacts of European border closures and offers a glimpse into the stories of those most affected. In the context of continuing, preventable, deaths in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, The Border is a clear and considered portrayal of the strength, vulnerability and resilience of those seeking refuge. The short piece seeks to subtly counter media representations that too often homogenise- and delegitimize- the multitude of human narratives and lived experiences carried by those on the move.

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